To-Jo’s Safety Team Receives Safety Award

We are proud to have recently received a safety award from our insurer, McGriff Insurance, for our hard work in reducing insurance claims across various business units of To-Jo Mushrooms Inc. The award was presented to members of our dedicated Safety Team, along with the Director of Safety, Rick Wright.

To-Jo’s Safety Team was established in 2005 and is made up of supervisors and employees from all divisions of the company. Their overarching goal is to improve general employee safety, emphasizing its importance in the workplace and establishing a positive safety culture company-wide.

“The Lighthouse Award recognizes McGriff Insurance clients that emphasize and prioritize the safety and well-being of their employees. Not only is To-Jo’s dedication and effort visible and consistent but by focusing on fostering a culture of safety they have achieved quantifiable results as reflected in their stellar incident rate and overall reduction in the total cost of risk. To-Jo understands that safety has to be built into every phase of their operation and employees need to be engaged in the program in order for it to succeed and they have done an excellent job driving this message through the organization”. Said Jim Sheridan, Senior Risk Consultant, McGriff Insurance.

The overall reduction in insurance claims in 2018 was due in large part to the safety team’s strong focus on incorporating key principles of commitment, trust, respect, accountability, and continuous improvement into their daily routines in the workplace. These core principles guided their decision-making process related to key company initiatives, including ergonomic relief measures for its packing room staff, harvester safety within their growing facilities, and increased awareness related to our surrounding property and shipping yard for the To-Jo logistics team.

“At To-Jo we care deeply for each other’s safety, which has played a strong role in helping us accomplish our goals throughout all company divisions, said Rick Wright, Director of Safety, we are very proud to have received this award from McGriff Insurance, but our work doesn’t stop here. If anything, this award has motivated us even more to continue to improve safety throughout To-Jo.”

Congrats Team To-Jo!