Meet New Members of the Family

Gabriel Leon Hernandez

Jesus Juarez Sr.

Rogelio Rivero Sanchez

Ivan Hernandez

John McQuiston

Samantha Snyder “Sam”

Gabriel Leon Hernandez - Brownstone Harvesting Manager

Gabriel is the newest member to the growing operations team here at To-Jo. Boy has he grown a lot of mushrooms in his lifetime, having over a decade’s experience in the mushroom industry.

When Gabriel is not growing mushrooms, he enjoys spending time with his family, including his three kids. He also enjoys doing work around his house and tending to his garden, where he grows tomatoes and hot peppers. Bring us some Gabriel!

Gabriel says his favorite part about working here is that he feels like everyone takes care of one another. We agree!

Jesus Juarez Sr. - Grower Liaison

Jesus joins our growing team as a Grower Liaison at the farm level and is the Father of Jesus Jr, “Chucho” our Fresh Operations Manager. When he heard about how great it was to work for To-Jo, he joined our family too! Who would have thought experience in the mushroom industry was so common, but it is here in Kennett Square. Jesus brings 34 years of experience with him to To-Jo!

Anyone who knows Jesus is aware that he enjoys working out and watching sports in his free time. His favorite teams are The Philadelphia Eagles and Penn State College Football. On Sundays he watches about 10 hours of football. Can you tell he loves football? He also enjoys going out to dinner with his wife. How sweet to mention that, major brownie points Jesus!

Jesus says his favorite part about working here is that he likes working with all employees throughout various departments and appreciates that everyone is friendly and easy to get along with. And to that we say One Team…One Family

Rogelio Rivero Sanchez - Operations Manager

Rogelio is our new Operations Manager for our Value-Added Food Products Division.

He loves spending time with his two kids and enjoys playing recreational soccer. You’ll have to show us your skills on the To-Jo soccer field. His favorite soccer team to root for is Guadalajara Chivas, a Mexican professional football club.

During his six months working here he’s enjoyed talking with the employees and strives to make their work day better and not as frustrating. He’s made some new friends and is addressing employees concerns on the plant floor in real time.

Ivan Hernandez - Culture Ambassador

Ivan comes to To-Jo as our Culture Ambassador; looking to drive employee engagement and elevate our overall workplace enthusiasm.

Ivan likes to play sports in his free time, football being his favorite. He also loves to cook, especially Mexican and Italian Cuisine.

When interviewed he had only been here for two days, but he said his favorite part about working at To-Jo is that everyone is very welcoming with open arms and he loves the culture. During his rotation his first week, his favorite department was the fresh packing plant because of how enthusiastic and lively the environment was.

John McQuiston - Purchasing Agent

John joins the To-Jo Family as our new Purchasing Agent. He enjoys watching hockey and motorsports, and does a variety of home improvement projects in his spare time. So handy!

Rescuing dogs is another one of his hobbies! Who doesn’t love dogs? He is currently on his 7th rescue, and has two loving pets in the house, an English Bulldog named Harley Quinn, and a Boxer mix named Bruce Campbell.

John also has a reckless side and loves riding his 865CC Triumph Thruxton motorcycle on the weekends. Nice!

So far, his favorite parts about To-Jo are the people and his mile and a half commute to work. Not fair!

Samantha Snyder “Sam” - Account Executive

Sam comes to us from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, another employee with a produce industry background, do you see a trend? She has a bachelor’s degree in Speech Communications with a concentration in Public Relations from Millersville University.

In her free time, Samantha is an avid volleyball player, loves to ride her bike and read. She is a craft beer enthusiast, her favorite varieties being sour beers. She also considers herself a foodie, and enjoys experimenting with food. She’s already brought us in some goodies! Sam is currently living in Delaware with her Yorkiepoo, Jo-Jo.

Her favorite part about To-Jo is the family atmosphere and that the St. Joe’s Co-op, Adriana graciously shares her snacks with her.
Welcome Sam to the To-Jo Family.

Keep everything the same; love this place, the friends I’ve made here are life-long.

Everything is great, love that they reinvest in the business.

To-Jo is the best place to work.