Company Life

Joe and Tony serve up the first Grotto’s Pie at the 2015 PMA

The team is ready for day one of the 2015 PMA Fresh Summit Expo

Todd and Julie talk Foraged Fresh with a customer at the 2015 PMA booth

Employees Interacted with over 15 Area Vendors at the To-Jo Health Fair

Burning off those Blended Tacos with Zumba!

Free flu shots were given at our inaugural To-Jo Health Fair

Employees enjoy Blended Tacos and Fresh Produce at our Health Fair

Alvero Muñoz, Foods employee, wins a flat-screen TV in the Health Fair Raffle

Tony, Pete, and Joe attended the 2015 PMA Foodservice Expo in Monterey, CA

To-Jo attends the 2015 Five Guys Conference in Washington, DC

Our Team had a great time at the 2015 International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas

Tony and Joe serving Grotto’s Pizza at To-Jo’s Annual Celebration Day last September

Employees are all smiles as they work on To-Jo’s newest production line

The Mushroom Capital of the World celebrates the beginning of 2014 by attending the Annual Midnight on the Square event in Kennett Square, PA

Culinary Students from Drexel University got a tour of To-Jo’s Growing and Packing facilities

Local Girl Scouts eager to learn about To-Jo and the mushroom industry

Tony and Joe pose with a Mariachi Band who performed for To-Jo’s employees as a thank you for all of their hard work during the 2014 holiday season

Amy and Teresa of Human Resources enjoying themselves on Celebration Day